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One of the Largest Brand battery supplier and manufacturer in China. 30 years experience. ISO9001:2000. 3 factories. 200000 square meter. 25 production lines. 2.6 billion pieces annual output. High Safety standard. 0% mercury. 0% Cadmium. Free Sample. World well-known brand partners. Do not miss LonLife!

All LR03 (ALKALINE) batteries meet or exceed industry safety standards. Multiple protection systems to avoid dangers caused by excessive charging, excessive discharging, and short circuits.

AAA LR03 Alkaline Batteries, LR03 1.5V Battery, and LR03 AAA 1.5V Battery.

Model NO. 6627-d
Model NO. 6637-c
Model NO. 6647-c
Model NO. 6617-c

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